Disrupting the Event Photography Market

Disrupting the Event Photography Market

We’re disrupting the event photography market by bringing millions of new consumers into the market. At $600 an hour, a professional event photographer has priced most consumers out of the market. At $99 for a 2 hour party, Valet Photos is making event photography accessible to the masses.

What does a pregnant woman, a bachelorette party, and a student body president all have in common? They are all the type of consumer that Valet Photos looks for. Before Valet Photos a soon-to-be mom wouldn’t have even dared spending her money on a photographer for her baby shower. But at only $99, that soon-to-be mom can now have that special day captured by one of our Photo Valets™. Bachelor and bachelorette parties will never be the same with Valet Photos. Imagine hiring a Photo Valet to follow you around for the night snapping away thousands of photos while you’re having a great time with your friends. It opens up the market to student organizations that want high quality photos taken at their events.

Valet Photos is positioning itself as a disruptive innovation in the photography market. We’re offering an incredibly simple service that provides tremendous value to consumers. The event photography market is highly fragmented without any dominant player. Valet Photos seeks to become the first dominant player in the event photography market.

Professional photographers have innovated over the past decade by creating dozens of addon products and services that are actually too sophisticated, too expensive, and too complicated for many customers in the market. Photographers are doing this because this is what has historically helped them succeed: by charging the highest prices to their most demanding and sophisticated customers at the top of the market, they are able to achieve the greatest profitability. However, by doing so, professional photographers have left out an entire segment of the market. Valet Photos believes that all customers should have access to event photography and this is our driving principle.

Valet Photos is making event photography affordable and accessible for all types of events and consumers. It’s for the mom who wants photos of their child’s birthday party. It’s for the college fraternity that wants a Photo Valet™ to shoot one of their fundraising events. It’s for the low-budget wedding. The bachelor party. The summer camp. The high school prom. It’s for every consumer that has been priced out of the event photography market for the last 100 years. For more information and to reserve your date visit http://www.valetphotos.com.