Event Photography for Only $99

You get an energetic Photo Valet™ for your event who will take unlimited candid photos of all your guests using a high resolution DSLR digital camera. We then provide you all of the raw photos in an online Dropbox within 24 hours. You own the rights to the photos and there is no pressure to buy prints from us.

About Us

Who we are

We believe that event photography shouldn’t cost $2,500 for a four hour party. Digital cameras are no longer a luxury, so why do we still pay luxury prices for photography? It is estimated that there are more than 10 billion photos taken every day. In 1999, there were only 80 billion photos taken all year! In today’s world a 21-year-old college student can take the same quality photos as a “professional photographer.”

We leverage the exponential growth in the number of digital cameras to reduce the price that our customers pay for event photography. We hire people who have a passion for photography and train them to be a Photo Valet™. At your event, they use a high-end DSLR camera to take candid photos. It’s concierge service at a fraction of the price of a typical photographer.

Valet Photos was born when its founder was trying to hire a photographer for a non-profit event. Unable to find something affordable, he ended up spending $750 for a 2 hour event.

After the event he was looking through the photos and realized that he knew kids in college that could have taken the same quality photos with any digital camera. And they wouldn’t have asked for $750.

All he wanted was some good photos to use on the non-profit’s Facebook page and maybe in some future marketing materials. But he also wanted to enjoy the event and didn’t want to have to take photos himself.

Valet Photos was started out of this frustration and the realization that a better and more affordable service was possible.

We Send You A Personal Photo Valet™

One of our highly interactive and personable Photo Valets™ will arrive at your event to take photos of you, your guests, and any special moments. You will receive concierge treatment and your Photo Valet™ will honor any special requests. And if you don’t provide any instructions your personal event photographer will make sure to snap away and take non-stop photos.

Get High-Rez Digital Photos

All of our photographers use a high resolution modern DSLR digital camera at your event. You’ll receive an unedited raw copy of every photo taken within 24 hours of your event. Since they are high resolution photos you can do whatever you want with them including using them on the web, getting them printed, or just viewing them on your personal device.

You Own The Rights To Your Photos

We don’t hold your photos hostage. You’re hiring us to take candid photos and then turn them over to you so that you can do whatever you want with them. You own the rights to the photos and you’ll get them without watermarks or other edits. On top of that, we don’t pressure you to buy prints from us. We’re a photography company, not a printing company.

Photos Delivered to Your Inbox in 24 Hours

Within 24 hours of your event we’ll e-mail you a link where you can download all of your event photos. We put all of your photos on a secure online dropbox that only you have access to. You can also share the link with your friends and family so they can download the photos too!

Our Benefits

Photography Made Simple

Affordable Pricing

Event photography is now affordable. Don’t spend $1000s for a photographer when you can get a Photo Valet™ for $99! We use the same cameras as professional photographers and capture the same special moments.

High Resolution Images

All of our photographers use state of the art high resolution DSLR digital cameras. With high resolution photos you can print them, put them on a t-shirt, upload them to Facebook, or anything in between.

Free Online Photo Storage

After your event we upload all of your photos to a secure online dropbox. We then send you a custom link via e-mail so that you can download your photos. You can also share this same link with family and friends.

Photos Ready in 24 Hours

Most photographers take weeks to get you proofs. We get you the actual photos in only 24 hours. Our competitiors send you a proof with a watermark over it while we send you the unedited high-rez copy.

Your Personal Photo Valet™

We send a Photo Valet™ to your event who will serve as your photographer. They’ll honor any requests and make sure to capture every special moment of your event. Think of them as your concierge with a camera.

You Own the Rights

Most photographers charge you twice; once to take the photos and another to download your photos. With Valet Photos you own 100% of the rights to your photos and have the freedom do use them the way you want.

The Process

Before Your Event

Reserve Your Date

Use our online reservation system to reserve your date. One of our event specialists will reach out to you within 1 business day to confirm details about your event such as the the point of contact, venue address, and if you have any special requests. We’ll forward all of this along to your Photo Valet™

During the Event

We Snap Photos Non-Stop

Your personal Photo Valet™ will arrive early, scope out the venue, and be prepared to start taking photos as soon as your guests arrive. If there have been any changes or additional requests, you can let your photographer know. Your Photo Valet™ will snap away several hundred photos per hour!

After the Event

Photos Are Ready to Download

Within 24 hours of your event we’ll upload your photos to a secure online dropbox. We’ll e-mail you the link so that you can download your photos. You can also share your custom link with family and friends so they can enjoy the photos too!

Enjoy Your Photos!

Some facts about us

Valet Photos By The Numbers


Photos Taken

Photo Valets™

Happy Guests

Our pricing

Choose your package



  • 6hrs of Photography
  • Unlimited Photos
  • 2 Years of Storage
  • Photos Ready in 24hrs
  • One Photo Valet™



  • 3hrs of Photography
  • Unlimited Photos
  • 180 Days of Storage
  • Photos Ready in 24hrs
  • One Photo Valet™



  • 2hrs of Photography
  • Unlimited Photos
  • 90 Days of Storage
  • Photos Ready in 24hrs
  • One Photo Valet™

We’re Not The Only Ones Happy With Valet Photos

Meet Our Clients


More than 1000 Satisfied Customers

My Photo Valet™ Alex paid attention to every last detail and took awesome photos. I was 100% completely at ease knowing that all my special moments were being captured.

Ian FoleyCreative Director

I really loved how we were able to get the photos back so quickly and that we could use them however we wanted. We ended up posting all of ours to the company Facebook page.

Hannah BirchExecutive

My client wanted photography at their event but didn’t have the budget for a professional photographer. So we went with Valet Photos instead and it was just as great.

Jamie StevensEvent Planner

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